What are Ballet Pointe Shoes?

Ballet Pointe Shoes are generally worn by the ballet dancers while performing or practicing. Ballet Pointe Shoes are also worn while performing Pointe work. The utmost desire among the dancers to appear weightless was responsible for bringing about the development of Ballet Pointe Shoes.

Ballet Pointe Shoes enables the dancers to dance on the tips of their toes for extended period of time. Though Ballet Pointe Shoes are mainly worn by the female dancers, recently even male performers are seen to be making the switch towards Ballet Pointe Shoes. Ballet Pointe Shoes are generally known to be manufactured in a variety of colors. Shades of pink are among the most popular shades of color that are used.

Construction of Ballet Pointe Shoes

It is a fact that each and every dancer has unique feet. This uniqueness in brought about with the variation that possibly exists in the length and shape of the toe, flexibility that is related to arch and also the mechanical strength. As a result of such variations, Ballet Pointe Shoes manufacturer are left with little option but to produce more than a single style. Each of the different models of Ballet Pointe Shoes that are manufactured offer a fit that is of different kind altogether. There are two important features that are possibly shared by almost all Ballet Pointe Shoes. In order to support the toes of the dancer it is mandatory that the box of the Ballet Pointe Shoes be made of a hard enclosure. Considering the fact that the dancer be able to balance properly, the front end of the box is generally flattened. The main purpose of the shank is to harden the sole in order to provide support to the arch and the outer portions of all Ballet Pointe Shoes are covered with fabric. This is done with the sole intention of hiding the box in the Ballet Pointe Shoes so as to provide a look that is aesthetically pleasing. Most of the Ballet Pointe Shoes are manufactured with a proper covering of satin and there are also a wide range of Ballet Pointe Shoes that are available with exteriors of canvas which can easily be cleaned using the best cheap clothes steamer. Therefore summarizing the features of Ballet Pointe Shoes that are responsible for helping the dancers stand on their feet:

  • The box of the Ballet Pointe shoes which provides support to the toe of the dancer.
  • The shank of the Ballet Pointe shoes which provides support to the arch area of the Pointe foot.

Best Fit Ballet Pointe Shoes

The elements that determine the kind of Ballet Pointe Shoes that will possibly fit with the best grip are:

  1. Narrow feet or wide feet
  2. Narrow feet or metatarsal arc that is wide enough
  3. Short/ Long toes
  4. Toes that are deep or ankle bone that is high above the floor

Ballet Pointe Shoes should not be tight and should be cozy enough to support the foot, while simultaneously comforting them. It is mandatory for a dance student to concentrate on the technique that can be termed as accurate simply because a dance student should take precautions to avoid injuries. Purchasing Ballet Pointe Shoes after considering the above mentioned factors goes a long way in helping a dance student build strength and avoid injuries that are related to ballet. It is a fact that finding the Ballet Pointe Shoes that are the most appropriate for a dancer can no doubt be a tricky job. The fact that the toes of every dancer are different and are of a different make altogether add on to the complexity of finding the ballet pointe shoes that are the most appropriate. The worrying factor is that something which be considered as a perfect choice for a particular dancer may not be in case of another dancer. This makes manufacturing good quality Ballet Pointe Shoes an even more difficult prospective. So the lingering question that persists is that what necessarily can be considered as the right Ballet Pointe Shoes for an individual?

Different Varieties of Ballet Pointe Shoes

It is mandatory for the Ballet Pointe Shoes to fit in properly when the dancers are performing and any kind of Ballet Pointe Shoes should fit like a glove. The best performance related Ballet Pointe Shoes is known as Freed, and it as one of main advantages that of Freed Ballet Pointe Shoes is that they are made of extremely light materials, hence, it is possible to make the adjustments that are essential many a times. Apart from Freed, other Ballet Pointe Shoes are also available that are durable and of superior quality.

The Durability of General Ballet Pointe Shoes

There are two main types Ballet Pointe Shoes that are available and possibly determine the functional life span. The shank wear is the most important part that determines the lifespan of Ballet Pointe Shoes. As the body of Ballet Pointe Shoes is flexed, the shank slowly loses its strength and weakens further; as result of this Ballet Pointe Shoes lose the ability to provide any further support. Ballet Pointe Shoes with broken shanks can no longer considered as usable. Apart from breaking, even if the shank becomes too soft to provide support they are no longer considered as serviceable. If Ballet Pointe Shoes are subjected to usage of moderate degree they will nearly last for ten to twenty hours of wear. Professional dancers wear out the Ballet Pointe Shoes much quicker than that mentioned above. In a single performance of any professional dancer Ballet Pointe Shoes can easily wear out. As a result of this there is a common tendency among the professional ballet companies is not to provide shoes to their dancers. Thus to conclude, it can be confidently said, that Ballet Pointe Shoes are the life of any ballet dancer, and a performance can never be perfect without wearing the appropriate Ballet Pointe Shoes. The shoes make the overall experience of performing, much better for the dancers. 

Ballet Shoes for beginners & experts

Children who study ballet are constantly in need of shoes.  They grow out of them of course, but if they are serious students they can wear out a pair of shoes each week.

This website is dedicated to helping you find good sources of affordable ballet shoes in a wide variety of styles and colors.

Ballet as a performance art began at the French 17th Century court of King Louis XIV. In those days the dancers were the aristocrats themselves and both men and women wore high heels when dancing.

Today’s ballet shoes seem quite simple, but the technology and materials have developed enormously, even from a few decades ago.

Ballet shoes, also known as ballet slippers, are usually have uppers made from leather, canvas, or satin. Good ballet shoes also have ribbons and elastics to allow for secure fastening of the shoes and foot comfort.

Ballet shoes can either be bought ready-made or customized according to your own choices. Customization or personalization options usually exist as to choosing the color of the ballet shoes.

It may sound easy to go and buy a pair of ballet shoes, but there is really quite a number of things to think about when you make your selection.

If you are taking ballet classes, your teacher might ask you to purchase a specific type of ballet shoe, and possibly even a specific brand and color. If your instructors have requested that you purchase a specific type of ballet shoe, then you should do as they ask and that will simplify your task.

If your dance teacher has not specified a certain type of ballet shoe, then your choices are unlimited. In that case there are certain things you need to know about the suitability of different types of shoe.

If you are a beginner, you need basic ballet shoes, soft ones with unblocked toes.  The latter are known as pointe shoes and are only for dancers who have reached a certain level of strength and proficiency. Pointe shoes are for more advanced students – not beginners.

You should select ballet shoes that have real leather soles. If you are light, leather will work well for you; however, if you are heavier, you may want to consider canvas ballet shoes.

Before making a final selection, put the shoes on in the shopand try a few basic ballet steps to see how the shoes feel. Ballet shoes are not for walking, but need to be comfortable to rise on toes, point toes and slide. If the shoes are uncomfortable when you do ballet steps, try a different brand or size. Ballet dance shoes use a different sizing system from ordinary shoes, and each manufacturer may have their own system for size runs.

Find out if your ballet instructor prefers an elastic band or ribbons to fasten the ballet shoes. These will probably not come already attached to the shoes and you will need to sew them on yourself.  To find the right place to put the ribbons or elastic, fold the heel off the shoe over the inside towards the toes.  The crease on each side is the anchor point for the fastenings.

If your dance teacher has told you that you can start to learn the difficult pointe work, congratulations! Now you can buy a beautiful pair of new, shiny, pink satin pointe shoes. A good ballet store will have an area of floor for trying out ballet pointe shoes, with a ballet barre to use for support. You need to take your time when fitting ballet pointe shoes, so make sure you don’t have to rush off somewhere else until you are sure you have found the right pair.

There are some brands that are famous for making good ballet shoes of different types, materials, and designs. Two of the best known are Bloch and Capezio.

Ballet shoes are obviously of great interest to young girls but it should be remembered that boys can participate with ballet too. The same principles apply to boys’ ballet shoes, except that the issue of pointe work is not involved.  However boys need particularly secure footwear as they often have to perform heavy lifts, high jumps and feats of balance.

The right shoes are an essential part of each ballet dancer’s equipment.  Badly fitting or unsuitable shoes lead to injury and prevent the dancer from attaining the best results.  it is worth spending the money for quality shoes. 

Different Types of Dancing Shoes

The excitement and anticipation of a dance recital can be a very overwhelming experience for any little girl or boy. 

We pride ourselves with providing the best information that any parent can get for buying great, quality,ballet shoes.  If you are searching for many other types of shoes, we can provide for them as well.  Overall, make sure you take into consideration our customer reviews and variety of suppliers who provide all the ballet shoes and equipment to get your dancer in the right gear.

Girls Ballet Shoes – Girls ballet shoes are a very fashionable item to consider when shopping for dancewear.  If you are looking for girls ballet shoes, you need to make sure you are in the right place looking for those girls ballet shoes.  There are many places online to find ballet shoes, but make sure you are comparing prices of online stores, and check the quantity on hand for these shoes.  You do not want to let your little girl waiting for her ballet shoes.

Jazz Dance Shoes – Jazz dance shoes are a hot commodity on and offline. If you are looking for the right pair of jazz dance shoes, you need to make sure you check Amazon and eBay to find yourself with the right shoes. Buying shoes online can be tricky, you need to make sure they are the right shoes. Make sure the retailer has a great return policy, so buy from someone reputable.

Ballet Point Shoes – Be very picky when buying these ballet pointe shoes.  There are many of them that will be very hard on the arch of your feet and they can be very uncomfortable.  If you are buying ballet pointe shoes, make sure the quality of these shoes is compatible with the arch on your feet, and are able to handle the quality that these shoes are made of.

Capezio Dance Shoes – I got this ballet shoes for my 4 year old, she loved them but you really have to buy one or even two sizes bigger, I ended up buying 2 pairs because the first ones were too small for her. So make sure you buy 1 or 2 sizes bigger, they grow so fast anyway!! The shoes are very soft and it has an elastic band to make them fit their feet. These types of shoes can be tricky to buy, but they are a quality shoe, and can fit your needs.